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Blissful beginnings for a young couple turn into a nightmare after purchasing their dream home in Wales in Their love and their resolve are torn apart by an indescribable entity that pushes paranormal activity to the limit. Dare you step inside Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. When I started to read this book, I honestly had no idea that it was based on the actual happenings in a home lived in by the author.

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That being said This book is written with details of Davies life inside a haunted home. It also recounts the stories of two tenets as well. Obviously, the other two give credence to his story. The evil in that home was beyond anything that my mind could comprehend. I did not really believe in the paranormal much but I will say that after reading three s by different people who stayed at different time frames certainly Has me questioning my beliefs.

The author does an amazing job at giving details as well as time sequencing. I believed everything he wrote mainly because he seemed so honest but also because there were others who witnessed the evil. A gripping, no nonsense of activity experienced by a young couple.

Compelling reading that had me hooked from start to finish. Read in one sitting. This is so scary! What a terrifying thing to experience! I also really enjoyed reading the various theories in the Bored house wives Haverfordwest, as well.

What a great, creepy and thought-provoking book! You and your partner have just bought your first house together, you move in excited for your future life ahead with all the hopes and dreams that all young couples have at the beginning of their relationship. This is that story. This creeped me out. The writer has succeeded in writing a well researched, genuine story involving real people who experienced the horror firsthand. Fab read.

Could not put down. Highly recommended to all. Believable characters.

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Great author. Will be watching out for more titles. This is a gripping of an extremely haunted house in Pembrokeshire, West Wales and the torment suffered by two couples who lived there at different times during the last 30 years. They experienced shadow people, dog-headed men, horrid smells, sudden temperature drops, poltergeist activity, hideous crones, animal cruelty, Bored house wives Haverfordwest and a great deal more unpleasantness besides.

One pair remain together, having departed the haunted house — the other couple are less fortunate. The author intelligently considers the psychological aspects of such cases, including a potential link between depression and paranormal activity. An interview-style narrative device, allowing each protagonist to describe events from their own perspective, gives additional credence to this incredible, Amityville Horror-like tale.

And the frequent everyday details with which the book is peppered also help to convince: popping out to the supermarket, having a cup of tea, a pint with the l, watching sport on TV. This is a compelling and disturbing chronicle of what happens when ordinary people are subjected to extraordinary events. The encounters with the spirit were recounted with great detail, which enabled you to truly picture the grotesque dreams and to understand how utterly chilling these experiences must have been.

There were a few times I contemplated not finishing this text just because of how powerful these descriptions were as it left me slightly disturbed and anxious. This book is certainly not for the faint hearted. Anyone who is a fan of ghost stories based on real events is going to love this book. The second part is the actual story A Most Haunted House, which is sort of written as a fictional interview with 2 residents, but the author admitted later on that it was a true story he had lived through with names and details changed to keep it anonymous.

The first part is an interview with a couple who contacted him later Bored house wives Haverfordwest realizing the story was about the house they had trouble with years ago. The last section of the book is a collection of theories the author has researched on what could be causing what is happening at the house. I ended up reading most of this in a day, just unable to stop until I found out how they all got out of this terrible situation.

Well worth the read. I found this book to be so well-written and extremely satisfying. I normally do not get frightened when reading but this book gave me goose bumps and had me looking over my shoulder hoping nothing was there. I have to say I did not realise this book was a work of non fiction when I started reading it.

I liked the way it was set out, in interview style without the questions and the story flowed nicely from beginning to end. Genuinely creepy, this book tells us the experiences of a real couple who lived in what they believed to be a haunted house and how their lives were affected living there. Also of note is the authors suggested reading, should you wish to on the subject matter.

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest is a scary and atmospheric read whether you're a sceptic when it comes to the paranormal or not. It's also perfect for this time of year when the nights are drawing in and getting progressively chiller. Written in the style of an interview it tells of the dark and disturbing events that took place in a house in West Wales, a house that the author has lived in and he adds his to the narrative. Compelling and at times terrifying, don't read this in the dark!

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You simply cannot go wrong if what you're looking for is an intense and spooky story. I read this book on my Kindle, in the dark, whilst feeding my baby to sleep, and I found myself using the light from my Kindle to illuminate my room to keep checking there was nothing lurking in the corners!

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The idea that the events described in the book were all events that people lived through, in a normal everyday house, in a normal everyday place was pretty unnerving. It's written in a really accessible manner, such an easy read, and fascinating to learn about other people's experiences of the supernatural. Excellent read, would highly recommend. I think the mark of any good paranormal investigator or in this case, survivor.

There are natural phenomena in our daily lives that could contribute to falsely getting us to believe that something was paranormal when in fact, it was not. There are other potential culprits as well, and in many cases these are proven as the cause of one believing they had a paranormal experience. Given the intense and varied experiences, I do personally believe that this house in Wales is haunted and I highly recommend this book to those who love a good and potentially true scare. This book for me is just brilliant and I love the paranormal as I grew up in a haunted house and have my own experiences as well.

The atmosphere of the book is not for the faint hearted and easily scared but if you are be sure to read with all the lights on. Absolutely engrossing, completely terrifying. My stomach roiled many times at the evil nature of the entity or entities haunting this residence, attempting to destroy any humans living within, and as it turned out, any attempting Bored house wives Haverfordwest cleanse the house of its evil. There were many Lovecraftian overtones as well, including the insistence by a spiritualist that the Entity comes from beyond this Universe.

The author even quotes Lovecraft's famous statement on fear.

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I really enjoyed this book, was hooked on the Bored house wives Haverfordwest which were written in an easy to read style. This is a Terrifying book that will stay with you long after you have read it. Davies had written a book called A Most Haunted House.

It was about his experiences living in a haunted house with his girlfriend. He doesn't want people to know it is about him so he uses fictitious names and just acts as if he is interviewing them. Another couple read the book and realize that they have lived in the same haunted house.

They get in contact with G. Davies and he decides to write their story as well. So the book is about Dai and Anne's experiences in the house and then years later the experiences of G. This was a very good story on the hauntings of the two couples. You cannot help but compare the different experiences between the two couples. This is a fabulous tale and one I really enjoyed reading. Set in Wales it tells of a an haunted house and the people who lived there. It really is a tale of terror and I was truly creeped out by it. It is a superbly written book and absolutely frightening.

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I really liked this book not only because of the overall story, but because of the realness of the characters. These people were just normal, average people who found themselves in an unspeakable situation. I could see myself a little in John, because at the beginning I also would have been excited to have a real haunting in the house, and can totally understand how this excitement could in fact turn to horror, fear, and despair.

Bored house wives Haverfordwest

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