Sbm 4 woman into swinging lifestyle

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Swing tionary. A glossary of swinger terms you should know. BONDAGE : A sexual fetish in which restraints such as ropes, chains, cloth or leather straps are used to bind, tie or hold a participating sexual partner.

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The person doing the binding is considered "dominant" while the person being bound is considered "submissive. BULL : Within the context of cuckolding, a bull is a sexually dominant male who becomes involved with people in cuckold relationships. A bull has sex with the women in these relationships while possibly humiliating or cuckolding their male partners. The term bull can also be used in a general way to refer to any male involved with a couple regardless of his specific role bull, boyfriend or Dom. Provides a maximum of privacy.

May be married, living together, committed on going relationship or a single couple dating for swinging purposes. CUCKOLD : While the Sbm 4 woman into swinging lifestyle meaning is the husband of a wife who cheats, it has come to mean more often than not a husband whose wife plays without him and comes home to tell him about it.

It can also mean a husband who watches his wife play with others, or is forced to watch. This can also be reversed on the wife. There are a of variations of the use of the word since it encompasses several things.

In evolutionary biology, the term is also applied to females who are investing parental effort in offspring that are not genetically their own. Similar prying within a family is called wittoldry. DILDO : An artificial penis, usually made of rubber or plastic, for sexual stimulation of the vagina and sometimes the anus. A person who works for the director and is responsible for party or club operation whether or not for pay, is generally called a Manager.

Often includes physical punishment of the submissive partner, ranges from physical restraint to mild spankings to painful beatings. They typically display aggression or jealousy while in the presence of others in the lifestyle. Ellis stands for L. The question "Are you a friend of Ellis?

Enjoys being watched. Will probably take a little longer to get to know these couples. The ginger oils gradually create a warming sensation, building slowly into a mildly burning one. Most commonly used in kink, role play, and BDSM scenarios, although it hasn't been common since the Victorian era.

Term is prevalent in western US. An association of swing clubs and magazines to promote swinging as the viable and beneficial lifestyle it has become. If used in personal ad means only those who do not smoke are sought for swinging purposes. Great for newcomers. A minimum of privacy. ORGY : Sexual interaction among several men and women in the same room; Complete absence of inhibition in everyone taking part; group sex.

The latter includes robes, lingerie, terry cloth wrap-arounds and other simple wear that is easily removed, shows the wearer to best advantage and often makes selected parts of the body easily available for erotic courting and play.

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Docile and submissive in swinging. SAFE : Used to describe a person who cannot conceive or impregnate; a man who has had a vasectomy; Naturally or surgically sterile. SOCIAL : A party, dance or other gathering usually sponsored by a swing club or magazine, for swingers to meet and socialize. There is no swinging at a social, but privately arranged swinging may follow a social.

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They may also offer educational and travel activities. Usually there is a membership fee and either party fees, party donations or a regular maintenance fee or dues. Party attendance may be restricted to couples though the marital status of the couple is rarely important. No swapping for intercourse. The first experience for many couples some type of soft-swinging. A term developed in the late 's to replace VD as the latter carried social and moral implications in the minds of many. These social and moral implications interfered with the legitimate treatment of sexually transmitted diseases as a medical problem.

SWINGING : An alternative lifestyle for consenting adults who enjoy social, recreational sexual activities with others, most often on a couple-to-couple basis, with full knowledge and mutual consent of both partners; single men and women are sometimes involved. Examples include: Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, etc.

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The ticket generally has no intention to swing or is not free to swing. TRIAD : Three people, two of one sex and one of the other in a continuing relationship of emotional and sexual involvement. Not the same as a threesome. VIBRATOR : Electrically run vibrating device for stimulation of the vagina by insertion or holding to outer lips, clitoris, breasts and the male penis. Some vibrators are penile shaped and are run by batteries while more expensive ones are for surface use and are run by an AC motor from a typical wall outlet. Vibrators are used by both men and women for self-stimulation and to sexually please another.

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Sbm 4 woman into swinging lifestyle

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