Single female Montgomery

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Talk about other female singers all you want.

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That's the title of QueenLin's latest single, released late on all major platforms. A video for it came out at the end of January. QueenLin was born in Detroit, Michigan, but came to Montgomery with her mom.

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She's been singing since she was a little girl. The "Lin" part is a shortened version of her real name that everyone has trouble pronouncing anyway.

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Outside of music, QueenLin has a full time state job. Prior to that, she also worked for the Montgomery Advertiser in the advertising department.

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But the most challenging and rewarding job she's had is being a mom with four kids — three boys age 13, 11 and 2, and a 6-year-old girl. So far, the kids are all still in their shells when it comes to doing music, and say they don't really want to sing. I had to break out of that shell.

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That's most of the thing that held me back — the fear of everybody watching me. On April 24, she'll be headlining a live music showcase at Uncle Charley'z in Auburnalso featuring singer Alandra Mornae, spoken word artist Nikisha, special guest Elle Jai, and host Melinda Newbolt. I just want to continue to push forward with my music and let everybody know that QueenLin does have more new music on the way.

I will be doing more shows, and everything like that.

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This won't be the last that they hear of me. Facebook Twitter .

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Shannon Heupel Montgomery Advertiser.

Single female Montgomery

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Lisa Montgomery becomes first woman to be executed by federal government since