Wanna barter looking to open your mind

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With the explosion of Influencer Marketing in India, specially in metropolitan cities, the Influencer industry is now getting competitive. The of Influencers is steadily rising due to increased awareness among Influencers, and extensive guides and tips are readily available online on how to become a successful Influencer.

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Moreover, many successful Influencers have shared their experience and motivated their peers to their ranks. Initially, there were just a few hundred non-celebrity Influencers in India, but today, there are over 50, Influencers in the country with new ones coming up every day.

A barter can be beneficial, considering the value of the goods provided. After all, you have worked very hard to be a recognised Influencer, followed by so many users. At the same time, as an Influencer, if you have a lot of paid projects lined up and a brand of your liking wants to collaborate with you for a barter project, you may have to decline the offer because of your commitments to other brands. How we can help:. One Impression participates in both, barter and paid collaborations.

For barter projects, we invite our Influencers to review the brief and confirm if they are willing to collaborate in return for no monetary compensation. If the project is not of their liking, they can decline the invitation without having to worry, One Impression will contact them again for another suitable campaign.

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As a platform, we work towards connecting Influencers with brands keeping in mind their mutual benefits. We do not influence our Influencers! As an Influencer, the most important thing is to understand your audience, those users who follow you, and share with them the products they want to see.

In fact, the more relevant content you share with your followers, which your users enjoy engaging with, the more it will increase your value as an Influencer in the industry. Upon considering this, you also need to understand how your followers will benefit from the brand that you are influencing your audience to try. We understand that being an Influencer is not easy, but One Impression makes it easier!

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Wanna barter looking to open your mind

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