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Eva Havens: [Eri] has had issues on and off with depression and anxiety since he was little, and then, with his counselor, he came out to me when he was He was ready to come out to everyone, but because I have a 7-year-old who was much younger at the time, we wanted to make sure we did it in a way that was not confusing for her. We worked on that together as a family, with each other and with therapists, and we wanted to make sure he had the chance to come out to immediate family when the time was right, before coming out kind of in general.

He came out officially to everybody in the beginning of January of this year. But generally, our experience so far has been that his school has been pretty easygoing and laid back about it. I think that will be something we strive more toward once I start testosterone and the school does what they can in order to have me listed as male.

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I think his school would be able to accommodate him being able to use the clinic bathroom. I would be concerned about him being there unsupervised and somebody trying to start something. How do you see the current rhetoric around trans people and trans kids affecting families? EH: For the most part, our friends and family have been really supportive. How does it feel to be thrust into the role of advocates for transgender rights? I will gladly defend myself and defend other people like me from the people that are going against them.

What could lawmakers or public officials do that would help your family and address your needs? EH: I feel like what President Obama did [issuing guidelines for schools on accommodating trans students] went a long way.

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That was an awesome day. We were disappointed. I guess if they did, that would be a different conversation. Things that allow for [Eri] to be protected and have the same rights as kids his age, anything that accomplishes that is a good thing.

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Each person who is trans goes through their own different things, and I wish more people would understand that. I feel more people should be open to that idea that we are definitely a very diverse group. Read interviews from four other Texas parents and trans kids speaking out against discrimination here. Most Recent in Education: 1 Reation Letter. Merwin, Honorary Texan. Eri attends a visual arts school and spends hours each day drawing.

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Do you think free access to journalism like this is important? The Texas Observer is known for its fiercely independent, uncompromising work—which we are pleased to provide to the public at no charge in this space. That means we rely on the generosity of our readers who believe that this work is important.

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You can chip in for as little as 99 cents a month. If you believe in this mission, we need your help. You May Also Like:. House Democrats are intent on staying in D. Bloodlines Emily Grace Spydell died in adoptive care.

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Texas Families Talk Back On Trans Discrimination: Eri Reeves and Eva Havens