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Other Online Encyclopedias Other Resources. Lesson Plans. Volunteers Donors. Jackson Sub: No Clear. About archaeological sites in Jackson County indicate that the land has been populated for around 10, years. However, the area around Amagon was only sparsely populated until the twentieth century.

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InWill Pennington owned the land where Amagon stands. The line was later extended through Amagon to Algoa Jackson County. The railroad, which soon became part of the St. Louis—San Francisco …. Though occupied by the s, no settlement began to emerge until the s. During its heyday in the late nineteenth century, the community, positioned on a ridge between the White and Cache river bottoms, was home to a thriving timber trade and ample farming. James T. Establishing a large farm and orchard, he built his house just west of where the settlement would be.

Local history records that it was …. Beedeville is a town in southeastern Jackson County. It is located on State Highway 37 near the Cache River. Sawmills built in Beedeville early in the twentieth century attracted the interest of railroad investors, but the line that included Beedeville in its name was never completed to the town. The Cache River served as a transportation corridor both before and after European explorers entered Arkansas.

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The actual river valley, prone to flooding, remained sparsely settled even after Arkansas became a state. William H. Beede, who arrived aroundwas probably the first settler to occupy the current site of Beedeville. He helped to organize the first public school in the area in A Church of Christ was established near …. Highway The rest of the county was dominated by hardwood forests and farmland. Jacksonport was ificant as a crossro, as well as a common White River stop, as the Southwest Trail connecting southeastern Missouri to northwestern Texas ….

The city of Diaz, created by the railroad industry in the late nineteenth century, is just north of Newport Jackson County about halfway between Jacksonport State Park and the Newport Municipal Airport.

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Jacksonport Jackson Countyand later Newport, were important cities built along the White River, but the area that became Diaz was first cleared for farmland. Some residents referred to the incipient community of farmers as Shiloh. Elijah Blansett and George Sink were the first landowners to settle there, shortly before the Civil War began. They were soon ed by several other families, including that of William F. Elgin lies in the Black River bottoms, excellent terrain for large productive farms, although devastating floods sometimes occur. The bridge on Highway 37 occasionally closes because of high water.

The bottoms once grew mainly cotton, but today soybeans and other crops dominate. Historically, Elgin was an important riverboat town, with its ferry being on the main road between Batesville Independence County and Jacksonport Jackson Countyabout eight and a half miles south of the confluence of the Black and White rivers. Elgin was the name of a 3,acre plantation in the Black River bottoms owned ….

Elizabeth sometimes called Elizabethtown thrived as a port on the White River and became the seat of Jackson County in However, the river later shifted course and eroded away what remained of the community. Keelboats were an early mode of transportation for the early settlers, who could use them on the upper White River to maneuver the sharp bends, rapids, and low water levels along the river during ….

During its heyday in the s, the river port town of Grand Glaise Jackson Countylocated on one of the highest points on the banks of the White River, was one of the largest towns in the area. Before the Civil War, the town, located about ten miles downriver from present-day Newport Jackson Countyserved as an area commercial hub. The first white settler, Stith Tucker, arrived in the area in about By the late s, a thriving river port Woman want real sex Beedeville Arkansas Grand Glaize had begun to develop.

The first steamboat in the port, the Laurel, docked there in Further growth was prompted by the construction of a road in connecting the town to Searcy White County. Several …. Founded as an agricultural center, the city—with the help of the railroad—became a lumber town for a time.

In the twenty-first century, the focus of Grubbs is again agricultural. A Church of Christ congregation was established in eastern Jackson County in Citizens of the area appealed to the county government to create Grubbs Township, and the county did so in The name of the township and the developing community came from farmer and politician James C. Grubbs, whose home was used as the first voting precinct of the township. A post office, established inwas also named for …. Jacksonport is a town in central Jackson County, located about one-half mile from the confluence of the Black and White rivers and three miles northwest of the county seat of Newport Jackson County.

Its location at the convergence of two navigable waterways enabled Jacksonport to thrive in a time when river transport was the most reliable method of transportation in Arkansas.

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Its twenty-first-century circumstance as a remote community on the White River belies the true history of Jacksonport; in the mid-nineteenth century, much of the trade throughout northern Arkansas and southern Missouri was facilitated via this once-bustling river town. Its importance as a trade center began to diminish when Jacksonport was bypassed by a railroad built through Jackson County in …. Young Gering Milton Mack Sr. Inat age sixteen, he moved to Arkansas with his family. This property is still known as Mack Farm and is owned by Mack family descendants. Newport is a rural community with deep agricultural ties.

Its location on the White River at the transition from the Ozark foothills to the Delta flatland is ideal as a northeast Arkansas crossro for road, river, and rail traffic.

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It was an ideal crossing point for animals including deer, bear, and occasionally bison and for the tribal hunters that followed them. Native people, likely ancestors of the Quapaw, resided …. The community of Olyphant is most noted for being the site of the last train robbery in Arkansas. On November 3,eight men hijacked Iron Mountain passenger train No. The robbers were tracked down, tried, and found guilty, and three were hanged in Newport Jackson County in the only Woman want real sex Beedeville Arkansas multiple execution in Jackson County history.

Olyphant is located on Highway halfway between Newport, eight miles to the north-northeast, and Bradford White Countyeight miles to the south-southwest. Before the Civil War, Grand Glaise Jackson Countya river port on White River, was the dominant community in the area and the second-largest town in the county. The …. Possum Grape is an unincorporated community in Glaize Township located in the western panhandle of Jackson County near Highwayabout eleven and a half miles southwest of Newport, the county seat, and about four and a half miles northeast of Bradford White County.

The community most likely received its unusual name from the wild grape called the possum grape, popular in the area for making jam and wine. Swifton is one of several Jackson County cities that were founded along the tracks of the Iron Mountain Railroad.

Henry Hileman received a patent to the land on which Swifton would be built on November 27, Hileman obtained that patent with a scrip recognizing his service to the United States in the War of Other settlers ed Hileman in the area, and a Methodist church was established in Until construction of the railroad, however, settlement remained sparse in northern Jackson County. The Cairo and Fulton Railroad built a line through ….

Situated on higher land several miles east of the Black River, Tuckerman was bypassed by the construction of the four-lane Highway 67 in When European explorers and settlers first came to Arkansas, the north shore of the White River was included in land claimed by the Osage as hunting grounds, although they lived farther north in what would become the state of Missouri. When …. Tupelo is an incorporated town located in the southern tip of Jackson County along a sandy ridge that runs along the edge of the White River bottoms from Augusta Woodruff County north to Jacksonport Jackson County.

The railroad allowed local crops, especially cotton and timber, to be shipped to market.

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Micajah B. McCoy came to the area from South Carolina in the early s. Archaeological evidence indicates that Jackson County has been inhabited for up to 10, years. The first white explorers and settlers entered the county by way of the White River, creating such settlements as Newport and Jacksonport Jackson County. InAlvin McDonald moved from Tennessee to Jackson County, first purchasing land northeast of Newport but later farming near the present site of Weldon.

McDonald raised cattle and hogs, and grew corn, potatoes, …. to the CALS catalog! Track your borrowing. Rate and review titles you borrow and share your opinions on them. Get personalized recommendations. View All Services. Entries Media All. Gender — Female Male.

Woman want real sex Beedeville Arkansas

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